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Micheal Swayne

Vice President & Secretary

Patton Drewett

CoFounder & Executive Director 

Board of Directors 


As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Deployed Family Outdoors feels that it is our American duty to give back to those who have provided and protected the freedoms and liberties that allow us to continue enjoying what we love to do.  

Sam Mclnerney Bailey

CoFounder & Representative

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We could not do this without the generous support from our Sponsors. Below is a list of the sponsors that have already committed.  Please consider joining them!  To the right is a link to our current Sponsor Packages, and a way to contact us.

Tyler Rush

CoFounder & President



Robert Ellis

Texas  Representative


        The Board of Directors at Deployed Family Outdoors includes four members who all have the same mission of giving back to our military and their families through the outdoors.  The core values in which the DFO Board of Directors was created upon is leadership and service.  Each Board Member strives to pave the way and lead by example in an effort to show others how vital it is to support, appreciate, and give back to our military and their families who have provided and sacrificed for our country.  

Russell Bailey

​CoFounder & Representative